Haven’t touched the blog in many, many months… feels a bit awkward and rusty. But, it’s been something that’s has been nagging at me for some time, now. So, with a “little nudge” from another site, I decided it was time to just start… going to keep this short.

6-ways-to-turn-thought-into-action-630x354I always enjoyed writing, and sharing my thoughts with people. But, I think I enjoyed the introspection that occurred whenever I tried coming up with a blog post (I originally did it as part of my prep for my Black Belt test last year). With work, school and family, creativity has been at an all time low and I haven’t spent much time on personal development. Yes, I have been going to school for a career change, but I can’t just “put off” my homework like I can a blog post or piece of art; I either do the work, and pass, or I don’t, and fail… simple, right? Except… why can’t it be the same for my art, for working out or for writing? Answer: there is no difference,. I’ve just been finding excuses.

So, in an effort to change that, I will do the following for the next month (or so):

  1. Write a post at least 1x/week (the first week or so may have more, as I try to establish the habit);
  2. Spend 2 hours each Saturday and Sunday working on art, with a goal of publishing at least 2 pieces before the end of December on my website
  3. Read non-fiction for 30 minutes per day;
  4. Commit to the “30 Burpees in 30 Days” challenge (that one’s gonna suck…)  


Ambitious? Possibly. But, I’m pretty damn tired of setting achievable goals and sort of hitting them… I’d rather aim for something big, miss, and learn from trying. Would love to hear your thoughts as you follow along with me into 2016.