Have you ever thought about that? We just finished celebrating Thanksgiving, where many of us give thanks for the things we have and the people in our lives. But, how many of you have ever thought about what you do that would make someone be thankful for you? I know I haven’t, and that’s probably because I, and possibly some of you, are uncomfortable with praise or recognition. I’d like to say that I thought of this during a deep, introspective moment, where my self-reflection opened my mind and heart to the potential of this question…. but, in reality, it was a writing prompt (like Superman, I believe in telling the truth). As was explained to me, the point of this question is to give some thought to the ways you help people with your talents, skills and passions that you might not be realizing (or giving yourself credit for). If that’s too difficult (read: uncomfortable), another way to look at it is “What do you love helping people with,” or “What would you be happy and excited to help others with even if you didn’t get paid?”

Me? I enjoy helping people by being a person they can talk to and confide in. Having someone that you can just let all of your “stuff” out to makes dealing with it a lot easier. I also love teaching people, within certain contexts. When the student(s) is eager to learn, my passion for teaching is through the roof. And, quite honestly, I can see my passion reflected in the student when they really “get” what I’m trying to teach them. More than words, that is all of the thanks I need.

To be honest, I would have to sit and reflect more on this. In the meantime, I’d love to hear from some of you…


What do people thank you for?

Share your thoughts below.

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